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Getting the kids excited to see sights, enjoy nature and switch off the screens can be a challenge...

Join us and scoot around the Cotswold scenes of the Charlton Park Estate!

Father and Daughter.jpg
Father and Daughter.jpg

Bring the crew

Get your family and friends outside together on a unique electric scooter adventure

We accommodate to all party sizes, be it just a small group or a full family gathering!​

From 12yrs+ the kids can ride independently and experience the thrill of being behind the proverbial wheel. 


Of course we haven't forgotten about the little ones! ​

Passengers from 5yrs+ can accompany the riders from the back or even front seats to give the feeling of being in control!

Full Family Jazz Hands.jpeg

The Adventure begins...

Whizz around the Charlton Park Estate, across a wide variety of terrains, stop for free refreshments or to gaze at the awesome environments and Cotswold parkland.

Our guides are well informed about the goings on of the Estate and will keep you updated about its history throughout the tour!


We ensure that your experience is a unique and memorable one; our pictures and videos of your adventure are included at no extra cost!​

Full Family Jazz Hands.jpeg
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