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Enter the history filled streets of Malmesbury + use your iPad + ACTION PACK to solve the challenges. 

Get out and get to know one and other with our Outdoor Adventure Game

First time Frolickers 
or LifeLong Lovers?


➤Use a combo of AUGMENTED REALITY, GEOLOCATION TECHNOLOGY + physical clues on the ultimate treasure hunt

➤Your team must solve the riddles, puzzles and find the clues through the historic           Malmesbury town, ancient buildings and awesome scenery.. before time runs out!

➤ The ultimate self-guided adventure for couples; get out and about and explore!

➤Use your provided iPad + Action Pack to complete the challenges around Malmesbury


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ActionPack 2 (1).png

A secret lab project has been revealed; a dangerous, mind altering virus has been developed- and will soon be activated by the mysterious company SPIDER TECH

- Of all places.. Malmesbury is at the centre of the action! Join the secret agent teams on "OPERATION MINDFALL" to follow the clues and infiltrate Spider Tech and stop the virus from being released into the water system... Before its too late!

A heart racing storyline based around secret agents


- Legend has it, all around Malmesbury are secret portals that lead into other galaxies!
These are normally guarded by careful goblins to make sure the two world stay separate.

- But... an evil curse has frozen the goblins! Trolls, imps and mushroom creatures are spilling out and causing destruction around our beautiful town.
We need to find them... and fast! Before Malmesbury fills with monsters!!

A fantasy game;

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Each team gets kitted with Gadgets, Physical Clues + Items to help you on your Adventure

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Sign In:

-Arrive at our meeting point and meet the Baboon Adventures staff member. Get signed in, a quick safety briefing and get kitted  with an iPad + Action Pack (One per team booked)



-Follow the clues around Malmesbury… Explore ancient passage ways, cool bridges and some beautiful nature around the town and 12th Century Abbey

-Your Ipad shows the points on the map you must head to; each point will have a challenge to complete

-Challenges include: 

-Augmented reality (3), 

-Photography based (2)

-Mind puzzles (2)

-With some word and number puzzles too

-Plus things to be spotted around Malmesbury!


-All riddles are solvable (sometimes they require some brain power!). You can always ask for a hint from your virtual assistant.

If you’re really stuck or short on time; you can skip the riddle (and forfeit your points!).

-To complete the final challenges- you must have got 3 of the other riddles correct

-Our Baboon Crew are always on our whatsapp/phone helpline to assist if there’s any issues


-Keep your eyes on the clock- You have 2 hours to complete the 15 riddles- once this is over you must head home!



Pre bookings essential 

Please call/whatsapp for last minute availability



-Each team is private (meaning you will be the only ones on the IPad + Adventure Pack) please note other groups may be on route at the same time.



-Our riddles are aimed for 8yrs + (sometimes with an adults assistance)

-We require one responsible 18yrs + to be in each team at all times whilst they on course

-Under 5’s join for free 

-Suitable for all with a medium fitness (there are a couple of hills in malmesbury!)



- expect to take 1.5 - 2hrs on your adventure (once you’re on route there is a maximum of 2 hrs on the clock)

-If you’re really quick & brainy (!) the clues and walk can be done in +-1hr!


Hey… please don’t share any sensitive clues/secrets with other people/your social media!.. We want them to enjoy the experience too!



-This tour can operate in all weathers; however if during your slot the weather becomes very bad e.g. heavy rain) we will assist you to reschedule (within 28 days - T+Cs apply)



➤Suitable walking shoes (trainers/walking boots do best- expect to walk 2-3kms)

➤Some snacks! (however there are some awesome cafes/bakeries on route!)

➤If it's cold- wrap up warm 

➤If it's hot- grab your sunnies, sun cream + a sun hat!

➤Our Action Pack is a small shoulder bag which is moderately heavy (4kg) with items that must be carried on route (provided)

-Photo ID for deposit (see T+Cs)


For Operation Mindfall: Please note one member of your team needs to have access to a smartphone with internet connection to complete one of the riddles (something no secret agent should ever be without!)



Malmesbury Long Stay car park

SN16 9JT

(Our staff will meet you here; we do not have a permanent reception here!)

2hrs free parking here (make sure you get a ticket though!)

(Public bathrooms 5 mins walk away on the route- cost £0.10pp)


What3Words: ///vampire.tacky.sock



-Under 18s must be signed in by an adult and have a responsible adult (18+) in their team

-Please note: Photo ID (drivers license/passport) of 1 x adult participant required as deposit for iPad + Adventure Pack (returned when iPad + Action Pack brought back to our staff)

-Please note this is a self guided activity and we will not be using our electric scooters on the Geo Treasure Hunt

Full T+Cs available on


Please Contact us for any further info, booking advice and special requests



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