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Looking for a great team building exercise?


After our ‘Screen-Free Summer’ work with some local Swindon schools- we’ve decided to launch our active screen based activities with a BIG difference.

The educational activity that comes to you!


Awesome induction / bonding activity; Promote team building & critical thinking in a fun, active, ‘gamified’ way.


-Great for groups of learners from 8yrs+ 

-We come to your campus; no complex travel arrangements


➤Use a combo of AUGMENTED REALITY, GEOLOCATION TECHNOLOGY + physical clues on the ultimate treasure hunt

➤Your team must solve the riddles, puzzles and find the clues.. before time runs out!

➤Use your provided iPad + Action Pack to complete the challenges

➤Choose your immersive, action packed story:

ActionPack 2 (1).png

Operation Mindfall

A secret lab project has been revealed; a dangerous, mind altering virus has been developed- and will soon be activated by the mysterious company SPIDER TECH

-Join the secret agent teams on "OPERATION MINDFALL" to follow the clues and infiltrate Spider Tech and stop the virus from being released into the water system... Before its too late!

Heart racing storyline based around secret agents

- Legend has it, all around Malmesbury are secret portals that lead into other galaxies!
These are normally guarded by careful goblins to make sure the two world stay separate.

- But... an evil curse has frozen the goblins! Trolls, imps and mushroom creatures are spilling out and causing destruction around our beautiful town.
We need to find them... and fast! Before the area fills with monsters!!

A fantasy game; a hit with kids and those with a mythical mind!

Magic Portal

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UV Phone Widget
UV Phone Widget

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Action Pack Mindfall 2
Action Pack Mindfall 2

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Get your Family OUT + EXPLORING
Get your Family OUT + EXPLORING

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UV Phone Widget

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Get Kitted with Gadgets, Physical Clues + Items to help you on your Adventure

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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-Fully customisable routes utilizing the areas of your campus you want (indoor/outdoor/combined) - safe as no need to leave school grounds.

-Questions can be specified to a certain subjects/levels (e.g. local history, school specific subjects).

-Our in-house team will build questions + routes to your specification.

-Routes can be linear/nonlinear (e.g. multiple points around campus- so multiple teams can participate simultaneously)

-Live tracking of iPads possible if required


From as little as £2 per participant

please contact us for a quote 


-Full Public Liability insurance + Site Specific Risk Assessments

-First Aid trained + DB checked staff


Example Operation Schedule:


Set up:

Brief meeting with Baboon Adventures’ staff;

-Route determined around campus

-Questions chosen


Demo of routes for staff:

-Check of content, riddles and routes on your campus

-Any fine tuning/issues can be completed before operation


Operation day:

-Baboon Adventures staff on site for duration of activity- full independant operation (teacher supervision of start point recommended)

-Learners begin in waves (e.g. 4 teams of 4 participants (each individual team has its own iPad)

-Departing in waves as frequently as necessary (eg. every 30 mins, 1 hr etc)


How it works:

-Quick safety briefing for teams

-iPad + Action Pack instructions given (very simple!)

-Storyline setting video played on iPad



-Follow the clues around the campus… the  iPad shows the points on the map you must head to; each point will have a challenge to complete


-Challenges can include: 

-Augmented reality based 

-Photography based 

-General Knowledge

-Word/Number Puzzles

-Physical riddles (with items from the Action Pack)

-Location specific (e.g. search for a certain item)

-All riddles are solvable (sometimes they require some brain power!). You can always ask for a hint from your virtual assistant.

If you’re really stuck or short on time; you can skip the riddle (and forfeit your points!)


Certificates + Top Team awards can be provided


Want a Free Demo for your staff?- contact us


Please Contact us for any further info, booking advice and special requests


07425 389310 (call/whatsapp)

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