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We're back! From 15th March - 15th Sept 2024

The Ultimate Family Adventure


👉Super family friendly; Drivers from 12yrs +;   Passengers from 5yrs +
👉Choose to be a solo driver or bring a passenger
👉Explore the beautiful sights of the historic Farleigh Wallop Estate
👉Easy twist & go controls; balanced and safe, sit-on scooters
👉Suitable for ALL experience levels; groups drive at the speed you’re comfortable with
👉Super quiet electric power with some surprising speed
👉Our awesome guides are always on hand to assist and share epic tales!

The Adventure

-Meet your guide, get signed in + kitted up with a helmet

-Have your safety brief + test ride with instruction from our guides (approx 20 mins of the tour). Feel confident with the controls before heading on the route.

-Simple controls are suitable for all levels of experience

-Head out around the historic Farleigh Wallop Estate.

- Drive over 8 km of grassy slopes, muddy paths, stoney tracks and woodland trails in the peaceful valley

-Test your skill down twisty trails and explore some of the secret forests

-Try out the awesome electric acceleration on the trail open sections and get full speed at ‘the dip’

-Keep your eyes open for deer, red kites, farm animals and more

-Stop midway for a refreshment break (drinks provided- unfortunately non-alcoholic!)

-Our guides take those insta-worthy pictures + videos for you

Who Can Join

-Great for kids and adults 

-Absolutely no previous experience needed (majority of our customers have 0 prior experience)

-Drive your own scooter from 12yrs +

-Be a passenger on a scooter from 5yrs +

(Age limits are recommended ; we can sometimes accommodate slightly younger adventurers; please contact us to discuss)

We are a family-centered adventure; we find chances to get some speed on our open sections- but will take our time through our more technical/bumpy routes- we are not an extreme activity for ultimate daredevils or ‘serious quad riders’! (Check our Rules of the Route)

-Check further down👇 for info on Accessible tours and Group tours

Weight Limits

Max 130kgs [20 stone] for 2 people combined

We recommend 1 adult + 1 small child together and have to be strict on weight limit

(the heavier the participants- the less power a scooter will have)!



£43pp for a driver, £17pp for a passenger


What’s included:

-Your picture + video package

-Midway drinks

-All access fees to the Estate

-Guide and electric scooter




Tours are +- 1hr 15 min hours long (including 20 mins brief + test ride)

(For smaller or quicker groups in the test ride/on the route; the tour may be a little shorter)

We have daily departures + operate in all weathers


How to book:

-Pre bookings essential

-Book online:

-Call/Whatsapp: 07425 389310 

-Email us @

How the scooters work:

-A combo between a quad and a motorbike. No gears; all electric (twist right hand to go, left hand to brake).

-They can take a few minutes to get used to. Our staff lead a full test ride session to allow everyone to get the controls before the tour begins

Who can take a passenger:

-Any age driver (12yrs +) can take a passenger as long as they are driving confidently

-Smaller drivers may find it more difficult with a bigger passenger (as this requires more arm and body strength to turn)


Where do Passengers sit?

-Smaller passengers can sit in front of the driver (so long as the driver can reach and see sufficiently over their head)

-Taller passengers can sit behind the driver (they must have legs long enough to reach the foot panels to sit here; and can hold on tightly around the waist of their driver.

-Passengers may be able to have a try on the controls (with the Driver assisting)

Our guides can advise on all this during test ride + on tour


Participants under 18yrs?

-Under 18s must be signed in by an adult and have a responsible adult (18+) on site/tour at all times.

-5 or more under 16yrs must be supervised by a responsible adult (18+) on tour with them. 10 or more under 16yrs require 2 adults on tour.

Where to go

Farleigh Wallop


RG25 2HW


(Use our separate DIRECTIONS SHEET to find us)

+-12 mins drive from Central Basingstoke

Our Routes

-We’re lucky to scoot around the beautiful Farleigh Wallop Estate; we share the awesome Estate with other users; so our routes frequently change from day to day

For those who have joined us previously at Charlton Park Estate; this route may have a few less views and historical features; but includes lovely thick forests; some great nature sightings and more technical downhill sections


When should we arrive?

-Please arrive 5 minutes before your tour time


Can we bring our own helmets?

-No; we provide helmets + cannot allow personal helmets


Will other people join us on the tour?

-Yes, multiple groups may join onto slots


Can we bring our own phones/cameras?

-Yes, but make sure they are bagged/in a zipped up pocket so they don’t fall out on the route!


Can we walk around the Estate before/after the tour?

-The Estate is mainly private, so unfortunately we cannot allow un-guided walking around (we can recommend some awesome walks around some local footpaths though!)


Can we bring our dog?

-We cannot allow any dogs on tour


Running late for your tour?

-Please let us know as soon as you can; we will always try to accommodate but cannot guarantee this. Often once we have started training with the other groups; we unfortunately cannot leave them to help others sign in


Special Requests?

-We can often accommodate! Please contact us!


We’re often able to adapt our tours to meet your needs and can organise private groups with a route suited for differently-abled clients and their carers.

In the past, we’ve been joined by clients with; mobility limitations, autism, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities and other differing abilities with great successes!

Please contact us to discuss


Got a large group? Private Event? Corporate team building? Staff activity day?

We can accommodate groups up to 20 drivers (and 20 passengers)

Please contact us to discuss

What to BRING

-Clothing suitable for outdoors

-Closed shoes are essential (trainers/walking boots/wellies are best) (No Crocs/Flipflops!)

-Sun glasses can help keep dust/dirt out of your eyes (plus you’ll look cooler on the route!


-Bringing a bag on route? Make sure it is a small backpack style (hand bags are difficult to take out!) (we can store bags in our reception if they're not taken on route)

-Long jackets; can hang down into the wheels and get muddy;make sure they can zip up or recommend short waist length jackets


If it’s rainy/wet: 🌧️

-Bring clothes that can get muddy and/or waterproofs


During/soon after heavy rain or when the ground is waterlogged/wet grass = a lot of spray off when we drive!


-During winter, we can drive through thickly mudded areas  (which can flick up onto you as you drive) so clothes to get very muddy are essential


(there is space to change in our toilets afterwards)


If it’s cold: ❄️

-Warm gloves very important (your hands will be exposed on the handlebars) 


-Wrap up warm (some areas are windy and we are outside for +-1.5hrs!

-Beanie hats can fit under our helmets


If it's hot: ☀️

-We provide lots of water, but feel free to bring your own


-Sun hats/caps recommended (they will fit under our helmets)


-Sun cream recommended!

-When it's dry; it can be dusty (Hay fever medication is recommended for those who need it!)

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