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Gift one of our awesome adventure experiences

How to book a voucher

We offer our standard vouchers or personalised vouchers 

(no price difference between the two!)

Our standard vouchers can be booked online:

👉Farleigh Wallop Estate

👉Charlton Park Estate

Our personalised vouchers read below + get in contact with us

What we will need to know;

- For how many drivers/passengers 

- To (e.g. who it is gifted to)

- From (optional)

- Which voucher you’d like (check from our gallery below)

For Personalised Vouchers

How long do vouchers last?

👉Valid for 12 months from date of purchase (Xmas vouchers can be valid from 25th Dec; let us know!)


Should I get 1 voucher with everybody on or separate vouchers?

👉If you want to give the experiences separately we recommend getting individual vouchers for everybody. 

If you want to gift to everybody together (e.g. a family) we recommend one voucher


How to redeem the voucher?

👉When you want to book, get in contact with us (whatsapp, email or phone) with your voucher code. (Full availability can be seen on the BOOK NOW button)


Can we add other people to our booking when we want to use the voucher?

👉Yes, get in contact and we can add participants onto your booking


How do I receive my voucher?

👉Vouchers are sent through via email or whatsapp

(We unfortunately can’t offer hard copy vouchers; but all vouchers are suitable for home printing)

Voucher FAQs

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